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Ozone/Bio-Oxidative Medicine

Fight diseases with the power of active oxygen

What is Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine?

Ozone is an element found naturally in the atmosphere. Chemically it consists of three atoms of oxygen and its chemical formula is O3. Ozone (O3) is a very unstable molecule that breaks into an Oxygen molecule (O2) and a singlet active Oxygen atom in about 20 minutes, liberating a lot of energy. Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine is produced by energisation of oxygen with a special equipment. Ozone on introduction into the body, quickly combines with blood, lymph and other tissues and purifies them. Ozone has broad spectrum effects used for treatment to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi by administrating through intravenous (I.V.) drip route.

How it works?

Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine therapy is given to the patient in three ways:

  1. Topical (through skin)

  2. Non-invasive (rectal, vaginal, ear insufflations and dental application)

  3. Invasive (blood is removed from the body, infused with ozone medicine and then put back into the body)

Who should have Ozone/Bio-Oxidative Medicine?

Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine can positively influence or heal a large number of diseases. This fact is confirmed by a large number of scientific investigations and medical publications. As a rule, Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine is given in addition to other therapeutic methods to patients suffering from any of the following problems:

  • Circulatory Disorders - Heart and blood vessel diseases, microangiopathies, stroke, angina Cerebro vascular diseases (Stroke and memory), hypertension Ozone Therapy gives very good results in arterial circulatory disorders characterized by sensation of heaviness and coldness and/or pains in the legs, especially while walking. (Well known as smoker’s leg or intermittent claudication) Ozone Therapy has avoided amputation in large number of cases specially complications due to diabetes.

  • Infections & Inflammations - Herpes, Hepatitis, Burns, Non Healing Wounds, Infections, HIV-AIDS, Viral Infections, Open Leg Ulcers, Bed Sores and Burns

  • Chronic Diseases - Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson & Alzheimer's disease

  • Geriatric Conditions - Ozone shows general revitalizing capacity (including nerve and brain functions). Therefore, it can be successfully used for poor concentration, forgetfulness, general reduction in mental and physical performance, insecurity in walking (balancing problems) and clinical dizziness or vertigo. Elderly people generally experience a feeling of well being and improved quality of life.

  • Immune Disorders - Rheumatoid arthritis etc.

  • Age Related / Degenerative Conditions -  osteoarthritis, age related macular degeneration, improving weak eye sight due to age related retinal detachment.

  • Skin problems

  • Intestinal Conditions - Inflammatory condition of the large intestines (eg colitis) and small intestines, fistulas and proctitis (inflammation of the rectum)

  • Cancer - Ozone Therapy is give as a complementary therapy in addition to standard methods. It produces its effects by activation of the immune system.

Benefits of Ozone/Bio-Oxidative Medicine?

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine gives more oxygen to Red Blood Cells and increases their glucose uptake.

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine makes tissue cell membranes more elastic, pliable and healthy. 

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine helps cells to intake nutrients efficiently and throw out waste products quickly.

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine relaxes blood vessels, capillaries and increases circulation.

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine primes White Blood Cells and makes Immune System more efficient. 

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and other germs thus controlling infections. 

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine helps diseased cells to get rid of toxins and harmful free radicals. 

  • Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine helps increase energy level in body and has anti-ageing effect.

Who should not have Ozone/Bio-Oxidative Medicine?

Patients with G6PD deficiency, active bleeding from any site, pregnancy, active hyperthyroidism should not have Ozone/Bio-Oxidative medicine therapy.


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